Epoxy Coated

Benefits of Epoxy

A true epoxy system is not to be confused with inferior DIY epoxy kits. Explain why. Our epoxy system is great for industrial & commercial applications as well as automotive applications including home garages.


When applied correctly, Epoxy coated flooring is second only to polished concrete in durability. These floors stand up to high levels of wear and tear, often making them the choice for commercial and industrial use.


Not only is it a low cost flooring solution, Epoxy floors are relatively easy to be installed. They can be cleaned with just soap and a mop making it even more economical. Lasting decades, its cost lifecycle is one of the lowest around.

Superior Resistance

Epoxy floors are easily the most resistant flooring available. If you need protection from chemicals, oil, gas, bacteria and germs...Look no further. Not only is it super resistant to stains, it's easy to clean and sanitize.


One of the great things about Epoxy floors is the ability to tailor it to your needs and tastes. Choose from a vast assortment of colors and patterns as well as functional properties such as a non-slip additive.

Epoxy Flooring Options

Standard Color Chart

ColorChrome Chart

Granitex Color Chart

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If you’re looking for a highly resistant, durable floor, Epoxy is tough to beat. Click below to get a quote. You’ll be surprised how affordable protection can be!

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