Polished Concrete

The Ultimate Finish

Luxurious, yet affordable. A beautiful, durable, sustainable and easy to care for finish. Polished concrete is the low cost, high value flooring choice perfect for both commercial and residential applications. Ground Control Flooring uses the FULLAGG Polished Concrete System for the best finishes. 

Industrial Strength

While polished concrete is incredibly beautiful, it's far from just another pretty face. Super durable and incredibly resilient, polished concrete is often found in medical facilities, warehouses, garages and other commercial applications where heavy equipment can destroy other types of flooring.

Economically Friendly

Cost is always a consideration when choosing your new floor and polished concrete is one of the most affordable options around. Low installation costs and even lower maintenance make it budget friendly for both businesses and homeowners.

Environmentally friendly

Unlike most flooring choices, polished concrete makes use of what you already have instead of using additional materials. Low carbon footprint and can even save on electricity. It is free of VOCs and doesn't harbor dirt, dust or allergens. Whether new or restorative, polished concrete is the smart way to go.

Unique Design Capabilities

Color, sheen, aggregate size and even material... all can be tailored to help you create a floor that works in your space. We are happy to work with you or your designer to find the perfect solution.

what's in your Concrete

Through the use of heavy grinding machinery and diamond tooling, we can restore plain old, dull and even damaged concrete into a work of art.

Before After

How it works

1. Choose Aggregate

Polished Concrete Satin Finish

- Cream -

Polished Concrete Salt and Pepper Aggregate Finish

- Salt and Pepper -

Polished Concrete Medium Aggregate Finish

- Medium Aggregate -

Polished Concrete Full Aggregate Finish

- Full Aggregate -

2. Pick your color

3. Pick your finish

Residential Polished Concrete Satin Finish

- Satin -

Love the look but not the shine? Our True Matte finish is sure to please. Beautiful, durable and still easy to care for. Just not as shiny.

- High Gloss -

Iron sharpens iron. That’s why we use the finest diamond polishing pads to create your floors diamond like brilliance.

Residential Polished Concrete Full Aggregate High Gloss Finish

Some of the companies that we have Serviced

Uncovering the
beauty of concrete

Sometimes what you’re looking for is right under your nose. Or in this case, feet! Click below to contact us and see just how amazing your concrete can be. 

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